10 Signs - You and Your Best Friend Are More Than Friends

You see on T.V shows all the time. The guy or girl falling for their best friends. The love grows with the coming series and you start rooting the further stories to bloom until they get completely involved in love and compassion. But what happens when you find yourself sailing the same boat? Following this feeling comes this great confusion: “Are we just friends or something else?” And this sentiment keeps on fumbling in your mind. Whether it is appropriate to find ‘the real one’ in your best friend? Will your best friend respond the same to your actions? To help the sense of whether or not he/she is in love with you, here are the signs that will let you know that “You and your best friend are more than just friends.” 

Finding love in your best friend is the most beautiful feeling one wants to experience. An already set-up business will require fewer investments compared to the business which is about to commence. Sometimes, you get into things involuntarily and stuck up in the middle of perplexion. At times you envision yourself kissing your best friend when suddenly the reality checks in leaving you embarrassed for going so far. Therefore, to make way for your thoughts you need to know the following ingredients for the recipe to cook.

1. Frequent in the Contact log

Talking to your buddies is normal. You hang out for long, talk rubbish, valuable and laugh together. But having a deep, long and frequent conversation to one makes it special. You gradually become used to it without even knowing it. And most importantly “Boredom does not hit the long talks.” Generally, we go to our best friend to talk first. But how often? Not regularly. This is because you also have your things to deal with. But when you start adjusting your time and making yourself available for the one, then you will have to realize that it is not the ‘same old same old.’ 

2. Want to spend some time alone together

How often do you yearn for spending some quality time alone with your friends? It normally doesn’t happen. When you both seek time to spend alone, then something new has evolved into your ‘just friend’ relationship. You start prioritizing him/her over others. You plan activities to surprise him/her. Moreover, while sitting with them you start envisioning things you always wanted with your partner. And never want that particular time to pass. Then, hey, this is the sign you need to understand that you are not ‘just friends.’ 

3. Are you jealous?

Jealousy is the commonest ingrained idea one gets indulged with when he/she starts feeling for someone. Jealousy, in some or the other way, ensures you that how badly the guy or girl wants you to be with them. The guy may get freaked out seeing you talking to random guys. Also, the girl may burst out on feeling ignored because of the other girl you were involved with. But you have to keep in mind that becoming too jealous can even cause your boat of friendship to sink. These reactions are just the reflections of the feeling they harbor inside them. It is the sign of wanting some form of exclusivity and also fear of losing any special one. 

4. Flirting

Flirting is just like “kissing frogs until you find the prince.” Besides, it is also a way to peep into someone else’s mind. If a person often flirts with you, then he/she wants to learn about the thoughts you bear for them. They cleverly express their feelings and hide at the same time. This generally occurs due to fear of rejection. It is a sign of showing interest in someone. But, a person might playfully flirt without any serious intention of pursuing you. Sometimes it is just for fun. 

5. Body Language

Body language is a non-verbal way of communication. You can depict a person’s objective by just perceiving the body language. Females generally become more conscious in front of the person they feel for. They generally tend to flick their hair, use more hand movements while talking and often touch themselves unconsciously in the presence of an interested person. Amid this, males tend to draw attention showing their muscularity and being overprotective. These expressions are the way of conveying that “I am interested in you.”

6. Can’t stop thinking

“If you want to know where your heart is, see where your mind goes when it wanders.” If you start feeling for someone, the craziest thing you do is “daydreaming.” While sitting with your book, you catch a word that takes you to your “la-la land.” There you start pondering about your friend, your future relationship with him/her and the stairs keep on leading when suddenly you are back into reality by your mom’s voice. Everything seems surreal. Any moment related to you and your friend reminds you of him/her. You present physically but not mentally at that very moment. You keep on envisaging the post effects of your feelings. And it is natural.

7. Sense of touch

Touch is a normal gesture among friends. But, the touch which brings butterflies in your stomach is the special one. Tapping your shoulder was normal earlier. But when your friend starts holding your hand more often or resting hands around your waist then it is something more. Touch stimulates hormones which creates an attraction between two individuals. So if your friend looks for excuses to touch you then he/she does not see you only as a friend anymore.

8. A different feeling

It is true that “sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eyes.” Your body automatically starts responding to the situations before you even realize it. You feel so optimistic and blissful by just the presence of that one person. It makes you feel satiated being around them, than anyone else. The happiness that comes and never leaves and the bliss of the soul can be felt when you learn that one friend is the one you want to be with. This feeling is inexplicable and more than enough to assure you about your feelings. Eventually, you know the feelings you hold up to.

9. Want to build up an intimate relationship

If you and your friend contemplate building intimate relationships, then you both want to get emotionally supported. You both ask questions about each other’s intimate life, hence showing interest in the same. At this point, you may also get intrigued to know about each other’s past relationships. It just comes out of curiosity to know them more closely. A friend will hardly bother about the intimacy of your relationship, but when it does, it is a sign that they do not want to be ‘friend-zoned’ anymore.

10. Stalking

Best friends do not stalk each other. Since you know your best friend very well, then there is no point in stalking them. So this only clears the point. When you start stalking your friend to know the whereabouts when they are not with you, confirm the feelings you are developing for them. This is to assure yourself that they are not getting entangled with someone else and their demeanor is special towards you. And this is also a way of accounting for your questions. Stalking can be hinged with trust issues that bridge the abyss between two people. Stalking beyond a certain extent is not healthy. If it is just to know someone playfully and not invading their personal space, then it is okay. 

Best friends are the ones who understand you better than anyone else. They are familiar with your ‘functioning’ in every situation. Moreover, we always want the best friend in our partner. And seeing a life partner in your best friend is just like adding a cherry to the cake. Every taste of the cake overwhelms you. There are several supremacies of turning a friendship into a romantic relationship. It builds a powerful and long-lasting bond between the two of you. You need not explain yourself every time as the person already knows you well. This curtails the chances of disputes and most importantly misunderstanding.

So if you find yourself struggling with your feelings regarding your best friend then you need to deduce a conclusion out of it. Being in the middle of “ifs and buts”, not only shatters your feelings but also the chance of ‘future relationship’ with him/her as a friend too.  

Generally, you dither to express yourself to the person you feel for. It is probably because, if the feelings are not mutual, you can lose two very precious relationships at once. Therefore, the above-mentioned signs can aid you to acknowledge your best friend’s forethoughts more clearly, making things easy for you. But at the same time, you will have to accept the individuality of the person. Keep in mind that love is not bound to gestures. Even if it does not go your way, you need not worry because “love always finds its way.”

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