Are you tired of your partner’s snoring? These tips will help you forget about them forever

Sleeping with someone else can be very pleasant, but at the same time complicated, since we have to adapt to their habits and behaviors, either because they move too much or because of the noises they make, snoring is one of the most common and annoying.

Snoring is one of the main reasons why couples decide to sleep separately, being tired of spending several nights without being able to fall asleep. That is why below we share some tips that will help you forget forever about the annoying noises of your partner.

Change in diet

It is well known that overweight people tend to snore more than thin people, so we recommend that you do everything possible so that your partner begins a rigorous diet in order to lose the extra pounds.

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Get exercise

If your partner is not overweight but leads a sedentary life, we suggest you encourage him to join a gym and do some exercise, which would be very helpful in counteracting this evil.

Sing a song

Singing is also a great alternative to ending snoring in bed. We recommend you start singing various songs with your partner shortly before going to sleep.

Get enough sleep

If your partner is to wake up and get up early the next day, it is important that you talk to him to change his sleep habits, since not getting enough sleep is also synonymous with snoring.

Sleep on your side

The posture at bedtime is also important to combat snoring. If your partner sleeps on his back, the possibility of snoring increases considerably, contrary to what happens if he sleeps on his side. Try one night, and you will see the difference.

Do not drink before bed

If your partner is used to having a few drinks before bed, we recommend asking him not to, since alcohol relaxes the throat muscles and, in addition, reduces the natural defenses against obstruction of the airways.

Quit tobacco

Tobacco not only causes various health problems, it is also one of the causes of snoring. The cigarette affects not only the active smoker, but also the passive one, which is why we all run the risk of snoring for the simple fact of having contact with tobacco smoke.

Blow nose before bed

Various respiratory problems of your partner can also cause snoring. We recommend that you ask him to blow his nose before going to bed and also to put a few drops if he thinks he has a cold or the flu

Inhale mint

If your partner has severe breathing problems and you do not have nose drops, you can prepare an infusion based on eucalyptus and mint to open his airways and smooth his throat along the way.

Go to the doctor

If you’ve tried all of the methods above and none of them paid off, it may be because your partner is having trouble breathing because of a deviated septum. In these cases, it is recommended to visit the doctor, since he is the only one capable of giving you a solution to your problem.

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