Dating with your boss - Is it a taboo yet?

"Hey! Is jolly is going out with our boss?"

"Can’t you see his face blush all the time whenever she is around?"
"Is something fishy is going on between boss and jolly?"
"I’m sure her promotion is due to this! She is using her beauty to attract man such a femme fatal girl she is. "
"Are they dating secretly???"

Huh! Are you working women and stressing out your nerves because of facing this kind of whisperings behind you? You are a center of attention in your office? Is your boss acting overprotective to you? Is your gut feeling is telling you something? Are you making your workplace messier because you are still perplexed about your boss’s actions? If yes! Then let’s find out some interesting facts about workplace romance.

Workplace romance and office-based emotional associations are as scandalous as always from the start. Because being linked with the boss is quite a taboo in this century too. It is always very flattering and sensational for a girl to know that someone is in love with you secretly but in office relations, it’s quite complex when the person is your boss.

The boss and employee relationship in the workplace are always tempestuous when especially the boss is a guy. Being female you must make boundaries at your workplace to make a professional atmosphere. But it’s quite challenging to manage in itself when your boss is inclined towards you. If you are working women and your family and home depends on you it becomes very intricate to handle. If you always feel uncomfortable and unsure about the actual intentions of your boss, then you should review these tips and hacks to identify his right emotions.

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Pro Tips to Recognize Your Boss’s Real Intentions

Let’s find out what’s going on in his mind.

1. First of all, believe in your sixth sense. Institutions are the best way to figure out but hang on, having faith in your gut feeling doesn’t mean that you have to act accordingly. Because sometimes you feel confident about your sixth sense but you could confuse love and infatuation

2. If he is interested in you then he will always be 
super attentive to you. Every minute detail regarding you will be precious to him. What are your likes and dislikes will always grab his attention.

3. If you are a soul mate to him then he will always try to appreciate each and everything you do for him. 
Appreciation is a kind gesture to show your emotions to others.

4. He will show 
closeness to you while being around to you. He also will participate in your family talks and try to be a part of your family.

5. Exaggerated compliments 
are the finest key to identify his emotion to you. If he is always praising you for the minor changes like hairstyles to dressing to speeches and presentation anything you do and got a pleasing compliment from him.

He can offer you activities outside of your workplace like he can ask you to go with him for company dinners or some outdoor sports.. You just have to be cautious about his actions.

7. If he is an extrovert, then he will always try to
 pass glances to you. If you are in eye contact with him then he will surely take pauses to see in your eyes or you feel his eyes are locked with you.

8. But if he is an introvert, being a shy person he will try to 
avoid eye contact because he might think in case of eye contact you will catch his feelings for you.

9. If you are 
receiving emails and calls for no specific reason daily. Or if he asks you little random thing after the office timings you can consider it as a sign.

10. If you are getting continuous
 invitations for dinners and lunches, then you can expect he is trying to spend time with you and want to know more about you because there is the best occasion for the person to know someone personally when you are sharing meals with him.

11. Being 
overprotective to you he can reveal his feelings to you. Like you are getting an offer by him to drop your home or he can pick you up from you home early in the morning or he is joining you in a Jim or on a walking track during an evening walk so he can check nobody is bothering you while you are being alone.

12. He will always give a 
great sense of value to your words, your actions, and your work and always show you that he feels confident in you.

13. Your boss can begin a flirty conversation or could laugh continuously on your stupid jokes.

14. Last but not least, he will always try to be with you in your workplace and some time being physical like hugging and tapping on you back to appreciate you.
These were some obvious signs and symptoms to identify the situations now jump toward the benefits and consequences you can face while dealing with this situation.

Pros and Cons of Having Dating On Workplace

So if your response for all these signs is a “big yes”, then you should also know how a workplace romance can affect your life externally and internally. It is seen with many pieces of research that office-based relation and specifically when the lover is your boss, becomes very complicated and could be disastrous for your future career and reputation but in few cases, it becomes a whole new fantasy life for the girl so let’s check out.

1. The first and foremost thing to tackle is when your boss is inclined towards you it will fire up the jealousy factor between colleagues. Even your best friend at the office will turn into an enemy because no one can tolerate someone of the same level at your work gets extra attention. The favoritism controversy could flare-up.

As you know you and your boss don’t share the same level at your office so there is an unequal power dynamic that will affect you badly in the future.

3. Your promotions and your rewards will become controversial in your office. No matter how much effort you put in your work they will eventually be associated with your love affair and you will always get biased feedback.

If you are ambitious women and want to see yourself at the higher position, then you will fail in it because he will always try to put you under his position and department and if another department needs you at the higher post he will not allow you going anywhere that is quite problematic for your future. In contrast, there could be a possibility your lover will send you to another department so that you can work freely facing no judgments by other colleagues and it could be good for his reputation too.

Many companies have intact policies for eliminating any kind of disputes due to the love affairs in office and the policies not allow you to make any personal relationship with your employees or bosses so if you are an employee in that kind of company that bounds you then if you will violate the laws and regulation you have to pay for it. But if your company supports you and has loose rules for personal relations then you can enjoy your love life.

6. The ultimate thing that will affect you badly is “gossips”. If you are a girl with high value and don’t want to ruin the reputation in your office, then go clean with this kind of relationship. Your one move toward your boss will turn full hot gossip at your workplace. Your colleagues will doubt that all of your ranks you got are due to your looks or due to your boss affections.

Lastly, if all of this situation turn wrong and you were just a crush for him to play around, and you made him angry with you or gave him any resentful feeling then he can use it negatively maybe a demotion or being harsh it could cause a straight firing from your job. 

The list goes on and on but there is always luck standing in front of you. Workplace romance is always risky and tricky to understand and there are a lot of examples in our society that support or reject workplace courtships. It’s up to you how to balance your personal life with professional life. And it’s your decision-making power that will lead you to the right path. So if you are bold enough and can take a risk in your career then go on to pursue your love life and if not, then try to manage it politely and respectfully. The choice is all yours.

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