Tips To Help You Keep Your Relationship During Quarantine

Having to stay indoor 24 hours is a dream come true for some couple. On the other hand, it’s the worst nightmare for some couples. My observation and survey have shown that some couple quarantined together are already losing their mind and getting tired of the relationship. The sad news is that we have still got a long way to go.

Are you feeling stressed about the impact of corona virus on your relationship? If yes, there is no need to worry because this article will guide you on how to enjoy the best moment with your partner during the quarantine.


It takes a lot to adjust to abrupt changes. But with the COVID 19 global pandemic, the work from home policy and being around your partner all day and night, it is a lot of change at once. There is so much uncertainty, the stress level is high, and the brain needs to cope with staying indoors with your significant.

Here are some tips that will help you cope with all these changes and also help you keep your relationship intact during these trying times.

Make personal time for yourself

It is an undisputed fact that everyone needs time for themselves. It can be the little time in the bathroom, the time needed to breathe, take a nap, read, text a friend or even masturbate. Irrespective of what you need the time for, ensure you take the time you need for yourself.

The essence of having alone time is to coordinate things, recharge and ensure you don’t rip each other’s eyes.

Have a plan

Most humans are dependent on schedule for stability and to work. Right now, many people are struggling to keep a normal schedule because there are not used to staying at home. The best step you can take is to come up with a schedule with your partner. The plans can include the time you will need to work, the time you will need to exercise, the time you will need to chat, the time you will need to take a break etc. The essence of the plan is to make everything feel like normal, and it also makes working from home easier.

Ensure the plan also contain general ground rules that will bind working hours.

Don’t sit inside all day and night

We have indeed been ordered to stay indoors, but that doesn’t stop us from walking around the house, cycling or skating. When things are tensed, getting outside to do other things like those mentioned earlier will help you not to explode. If you live in an apartment where you also have neighbor, always remember the six feet social distancing rule to keep you safe from any germy droplets.

Walking or cycling in the compound is good for your mental health, and connecting with nature can also help reduce anxiety and depression symptoms.

Keep touch with happening around you

If you love yourself, it is not possible to go out and see family or friends. The essence of social distancing is to give enough space to prevent the germ from spreading. Technology has helped us by providing different ways to communicate with other people. Being indoor with your partner shouldn’t stop you from communication with friends and loved ones.

Ensure you make calls to people that can help your mental health and sanity. Video chat some friends and most importantly maintain a healthy relationship with other people even while you are with or partner 24/7.

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Communicate better with your partner

The fuel of every relationship is communication. Now that you are quarantined with your partner, communication is more important. Practice the habit of engaging in insightful conversations. You might not be the best version of yourself but ensure you don’t lose empathy and love.

Tip: Here are additional and straightforward ideas on how to have fun with your partner during the quarantine period

1. Make a list of things you have both been wanting to do with each other. Pinpoint the ones that can be done at home.
2. Spend time learning things together: you can watch educational videos, take courses online, hone a skill etc.
3. Play games and party together indoor.
4. Improve the aesthetics of the home: clean and redecorate the home to give it a new and amazing look.
5. Massages each other, re-learn each other’s bodies and have sex.

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