10 Signs That He Doesn’t Love You Anymore

Even the happiest relationship can come to its logical or illogical end, sometimes it is so hard for women to accept the truth that their partners do not feel the same love towards them anymore, even noticing obvious signs they refuse to understand it. At the same time, they are constantly looking for signs that prove the man’s love and are stressed when can’t find them. The faster you take off your pink glasses and realize that love is gone or it never was, the faster you will be happy in love, neither with this man nor with another. 

If you start to notice that your man’s attitude towards you has changed, then you should not suffer from it, trust your mind, and follow your intuition. The psychology claims that people will continue to deny the obvious, till they don’t hear the disappointing truth from their partner. Although these are only shown in small things, we have gathered for you 10 evident signs that will definitely help you in the future. We hope due to these signs you can make the right decision regarding your relationship and have a sober look at signs of dislike.

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strengthen, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. – Laozi

 1.  He does not answer your calls and messages.

The classic sign that your boyfriend is losing interest in you and your relationship is ignoring everything connected to you. He may be busy all day, or his phone can be drained too quickly, but the unwillingness to answer your messages or calls means that he avoids contact with you, communication has ceased and it doesn’t please him anymore. If your man doesn’t find time to call you during the day to say “good morning” or “good night”, or to ask about your well-being, do not even try to justify his forgetfulness by employment. A loving man, even when busy, does not forget to call.

The best decision is to talk to your boyfriend in person, and in the meantime, stop imposing your attention on him, because if he did not find a couple of minutes to answer you or write first, then the time has come for eloquent silence on your part.

 2. His answers are brief.

Have you ever noticed that to the question “How are you?” or for any interest towards the man you love, you just receive a monosyllabic and a short answer that does not presuppose mutual curiosity? If the mentioned is familiar to you, then probably you have a problem. In the absence of conflicts and fresh quarrels, such behavior can mean only one thing; he does not want to talk to you. Sometimes it's hard for men to over a relationship and they want women to understand the reason for their indifference. Instead of immediately revealing their cards, men hope either you will accept their laconicism in communication, or you will start supposing that he does not care about you.

1   3. He cancels plans.

You have decided to go to the cinema or to pass time together, but suddenly he remembers things, like meeting friends or plans that he doesn't speak frankly with you about. Or imagine you invited him to your house, but he did not even appear without warnings and subsequent explanations. Does he always have justifications that don’t let you spend time together? He simply does not want this, but he cannot tell you directly. Just remember women – if a man is in love with you, he will always find time to call you, to see you, or to spend with you one more minute.

4. He doesn't care about the guys you chat with.

Relationships are built on trust, and manipulating a guy’s feelings while trying to make him jealous is disrespectful and rude. But, on the other hand, jealousy, or at least surprise on your boyfriend’s face, if you accidentally mentioned someone else, is a natural reaction for someone who has feelings.

If you understand that your partner is not interested in who you are communicating with, then he no longer feels the same for you. In some cases, he may be glad of this situation: if you get attention from the outside, it will be easier for him to leave you, using the situation as an excuse or a cover.

He doesn't keep you informed.

In a relationship, it is natural and even important to talk to each other often, share news, or your experiences during the day and notify your partner if grandiose plans for life are outlined. If you feel that your partner is closing from you, while you were not showing any inattention or passivity, this means that he does not want to bind himself with obligations, and this most often leads to separation.

6. He spends more time on the phone than with you.

We live in a social-networking century and spend most of our day on the Internet, on phones, and browsing social media, but if we are talking about a loved one, there should not be a choice between you and the tape on Instagram. Often sticking on the phone means that the guy is bored with you or does not want to pay attention to you. This is not a reason for breaking up, but you should definitely talk to him about his strange behavior. 

4   7. He talks about other women.

If your boyfriend is discussing other girls in your presence, whether with friends or specifically with you, then you have every moral right to feel indignation. Especially when it comes to someone you don’t know. Suppose he tells you about how a girl approached him to have a date, or at work, several employees show him signs of attention. There are two explanations for this situation: a) he is trying to make you jealous, which is a type of manipulation; b) he hints to you that nothing is the same and its time to break up, and this is a real disgust.

8. Physical contact is poor.

If earlier you hugged, kissed, and surprised each other in bed, now you hardly touch each other, and often without his desire. This means that you have a crisis in sexual life, which can lead to a divorce. If you do not doubt your feelings, then start paying attention to the hints that your boyfriend leaves. The unwillingness of physical intimacy may indicate that he no longer wants it with you or already has it but with someone else.

If he loved you, he would somehow sort this problem out. Some men love and want their women for many years. This, of course, is a great merit of women who can maintain the fire of love in a relationship. But if the fire of love begins to fade, the first thing, as a rule, dies out the need of a man to have sex with his partner.

9. He is angry for no reason.

An annoyance for no particular reason is a sign that your boyfriend is not satisfied next to you. And this does not mean that you should be exhausted to please him - on the contrary, pay attention to what exactly makes your boyfriend angry. What previously did not annoy, now drives him crazy, leaving you in doubt and conjecture about what you did wrong. The most difficult thing is that it is very difficult to talk with an embittered person constructively, because he may not understand why his reactions are so intensive to familiar things.

7     10. He treats you like a friend.

If your status in a relationship has suddenly changed, then there is no reason to doubt anymore - he is no longer interested in you in the way he used to. There is no flirting, romance, love, and physical intimacy – congrats, you are in the friend zone. For a long relationship, this process is not so natural, because over time, passion can subside, and love will manifest differently.

You need to leave the man as soon as you realize that you are unloved. In this case, there is a chance that he will miss you, and his love will flare up and strengthen or will become greater if it was not enough. Continuing to be in a relationship in which you are not loved, you should not hope that a deep feeling will appear from affection or habit. Out of habit, only satiety can come.

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