11 Signs She Likes You Through Body Language

Signs She Likes You Through Body Language

Women are complex beings. They may say one thing when they mean another. Sometimes they may expect you to read their minds and be mad at you when you give a wrong guess. Likewise, the same occurs when they feel attracted to you. If she likes you,  she won't come out of the blue and approach you. Don’t you think dating would be simpler if a woman who likes you approached you and told you “I like you”? Unfortunately, that is not the case. Women will expect you to read their minds and make a move.

Most men ask themselves these questions: How do I know she likes me? Is she going to turn me down when I approach her? When is the perfect time that I can make a move? If you are asking yourself these questions, it’s normal. You need not worry. It’s possible to read her mind. However, you need to learn several body language signs to know if she likes you. Here are 11 signs which show she likes you through her body language.

1. She touches and tosses her hair

Women know that a nice, long, and radiant hair is a powerful sign of femininity. If you notice she's touching or tossing her hair, she's saying she's available. She may also twist her hair around her fingers as a sign that she’s attracted to you. According to a study conducted by Moore (1985), women played with their hair in bars as a technique to attract men. As a result, men approached them, asked for a dance, talked to them, or even kissed them.

2. She arches her back

Does she arch her back when you are around? She may be seducing you. A woman may arch her back to accentuate her breasts, legs, and physique. In this manner, she's marketing her assets to you. However, she may also stretch because she’s tired. You, therefore, need to look at her keenly to know whether she's stretching, or arching her back. A study conducted by the University of Minho, in Portugal, revealed that women arch their bodies to appear more attractive. The more curved they are, the more attractive they think of themselves.

 3. She blushes

Blushing occurs when extreme emotions trigger adrenaline. Some extreme emotions that could cause such a trigger are; embarrassment, stress, or attraction to a man. When she likes you (especially if she’s shy) she may blush. The good thing is that she can’t fake it because it’s autonomic. If she’s blushing because of pleasure, her shade will change to pink or red. Dr. Mary C. Lamia, a psychologist, explains that blushing communicates important information about what you feel. It’s an honest response that shows you are excited about another person.

4. She walks seductively

Does she change her walking style when she walks in front of you? There’s no doubt that when she walks in a model-sexy like way before you, she likes you. She may be intrinsically telling you to look at how she’s swaying her hips back and forth. Seductive walks make her hips prominent. This is a weapon she’s using to capture your attention. A research conducted by French Researcher Nicholas Gueguen on 103 females, who were in their ovulation period, revealed interesting results. These women walked sexily before males they admired, to attract them.

5. She looks at you over her shoulder

Turning to look at someone is normal. However, if she looks at you over her shoulder, it’s a good sign.  Moreover, she may do this more than once to tell you she likes you. Ladies give a specific look to the person they are interested in. They do this by slightly raising their shoulder as they look back at you. Their motive... 'have a look at my side profile.' The non-verbal body language dictionary states that a woman may show sexual interest by looking back at you over a raised shoulder. This sign is more potent when conducted over a nude shoulder. Especially when she's wearing a strapless dress. 

 6. Fiddles with jewelry

If she likes you, she’ll be playing with her jewelry as she talks to you. This is because she’s so into you that she can’t control the movement of her hands. Playing with necklaces, earrings, or bracelets sends a flirty message. The insides of the wrists, neck, and hair are parts that trigger attraction. Mary Karinch, the author of The Art of Body Talk, says that when a lady likes you, she becomes tense. This tension is “body stress”. Owing to this, she'll act awkward and fidget because she's responding to a rush of feelings.

7. Change in the pitch of her voice

You can easily tell that a girl is interested in you when she’s excited around you. A change in the pitch and tone of her voice may show this excitement. This may happen unconsciously. According to Mary Karinch, these vocal changes occur because she wants to stand out in attracting you. In a study she conducted in 2014, she discovered that a woman’s pitch was loud when she talked to a man she liked. On the other hand, if she doesn’t like you, her voice may be deeper.

8. Smiles more often when you are around

Smiling is something you may take to be obvious. Does she smile when she’s with you? Does she maintain that smile until the end of the conversation? There’s no best thing that you can see than a true and honest smile. When she’s in your company, she may use this strong body language sign to tell you she likes you. According to John Neffinger, a nonverbal behavior consultant, a genuine smile is a crucial element of attraction. You should, however, be careful not to misinterpret her smile. She may be a person who just likes to smile a lot. The attraction smile differs from the one she gives others.

9. She touches you

Women don’t like touching people they aren’t attracted to. On the contrary, if she's into you, she may take advantage of any opportunity to touch you. She may demonstrate this sign by lightly patting you on the hand when you tell a good joke. She may also extend her arm to your shoulders. Such contacts are a good sign. According to a study conducted by Burgoon and Baesler (1992), touching is a sign of attraction and liking. They also say that if someone likes you, they may hug you, sit next to you with their thighs touching yours, or hold your hand.

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10. She licks her lips

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She may use her lips to tell you she likes you. Additionally, she can also use her lips to make your jaw drop. Using this weapon is intended to make you helpless. She will use this situation when she knows you are looking at her. She may employ this tactic by biting the lower lip in a slow-motion manner. 

She may also charm you by licking her lips slowly to moisten them, or by sensually applying lipstick. If she pouts her lips, it may mean she wants you to kiss her. Tonya Reiman, the author of The Power of Body Language, comments that licking of the lips is a sign that a woman is expecting something. She further says that women lick their lips when they see something they desire. So if she’s licking her lips, it’s a sign she’s hungry for you.

11. She fixes her gaze on you

The eyes reflect the heart’s communication. One way of knowing that she likes you is by looking at the gaze she gives you. Tiffany Toombs, a body language expert, explains that when she likes you, she will want to see more of you. As a result, her pupils will dilate. If you look at her eyes, you can know exactly how she thinks and feels.  

When she looks at you for a long time from a distance and does not take her gaze away, it’s a good sign. She may also look at your eyes and occasionally drop her gaze to look at your mouth, before looking back at your eyes again. According to Judi James, the author of The Body Language Bible, this is a sign that she likes you, and she’s thinking about kissing you. Eye contact may also mean that she's paying attention to you only.

The Bottom Line

It may be difficult to know if she likes you or not. This is because women are masters in flirting making it hard for men to interpret their intentions. Sometimes they may appear to be cool and composed around you, but at some point, their body language will tell you they like you. If you master the art of reading her mind through her body language, you will know it all. Body language doesn’t lie. It can sometimes talk louder than words. Best of luck as you use these proven tips to know if she likes you. 

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