How to Say Love You Without Actually Saying It

Is it necessary to always express love by saying ‘I love you’? How many times a mother says ‘I love you’ to her child or a wife to her husband? Not very often. Relationships are formed by filling love in it. We generally say “It is important to make your loved one feel the love you have for them”. Did you get it? We are already saying it often that ‘the feeling of love’ is essential not the way. And likewise, we skip many actions without even realizing it. While reading the romantic quotes, the first person who pops up in your mind and brings a smile to your face is also kind of love you are harbouring for that person. And that small quote unfolds a lot of romantic memories you bear with that special one. Did you realize what a small thing can make you feel just in a second? 

You need to understand that expressing is important but not necessary to be ‘I love you’. There are several ways a person can say ‘I love you’ without even actually saying it.

1. The feeling of mine

When you love someone, then you need to generate the feeling of “only mine” in them. This ensures that you are passionate for them, and also they feel more belonged to you. It enhances your love and reinforces your bond with that person. It feels good when you take your special one out for a dinner or a place to spend personal time without even letting him/her know. And cancelling all their plans and buying the moment just for you two? Isn’t it? 

2. A token of appreciation

‘You just look so attractive’, ‘I can’t get bored with you in my entire life’, ‘I can’t move my eyes from you’, ‘You were amazing in that’, and many more words for appreciation can be listed. Didn’t it sound irresistible from praising your special one? You eulogize when you love something. And this is what you can do to smite the heart of the person you love. But remember it should be genuine. Not fake. As it is an act of conveying love to a person.

3. Caring 

You care when you do not want that person to be broke in any way possible. Caring is a very sweet and subtle way of saying ‘I love you’ to your special one. Without expecting anything in return, you are insuring their happiness in the way you can. Cooking their favorite meals, sharing your personal belongings with them, consoling them at their bad times, uplifting them when they are feeling low etc, are some of the common deeds of caring. By caring you are lending a shoulder of love to them.

4. Being available

It is easy to spare time on someone when you are free but difficult when you are busy. But making yourself in attendance even in your busy schedule for that one person signifies your love for him/her. Making calls, receiving texts and replying as soon as possible are little things one can do to establish a sense of fulfillment of his/her personal vision towards a person. There are certain times in life which are unavoidable. At that time, it may happen that the relationship has to run at the background. But still you can manage time to let them know that you are busy, instead making them feel ignored. This makes them feel more prioritized rather than disappointed. 

5. Forgetting the hurt 

When you love someone truly, you forget how many times they hurt you. Your love for them remains constant.
 Instead of anchoring on the hurting phases. Try to focus on the optimistic aspects of your relationship. This makes the person feel the profound love you have for them. 

6. Making efforts

You need to show or express love to make the person learn about your feelings. Whenever you think of falling in love with a particular person, what’s the scenario you think about? Being on a sea shore with your partner or at a lake side, adorned with candles or lights, food stuff and a little chit-chat over the drinks. “You generally express what you expect.” You also need to make efforts to show your love. Not necessary to be a beach or a lake scenario. Organizing a surprise birthday party, going on a ride on special spot, eventually makes them feel special etc. are some of the colors of love you need to entertain the person with. 

7. Cupid touch

Touch is always very sensible. The bad touch, friendly touch, empathetic touch or a loving touch. These all can be differentiated with fine lines. Touching, kissing, caressing, holding hands, etc. creates a physical affection between two individuals. According to psychology, “It can be stronger than verbal or emotional contact and make people possessive.” The touch is the non-verbal way of showing the love and closeness you share with the person. 

8. Making out love

Sexual desire and love go together. As they come from the same part of the brain. Love adds trust whilst, sex adds comfortability to the bond two individual show. Making out with the person you love enhances the connection between you two. It also signals about the intense love you bear for him/her. It elicits emotional connection between you and your partner and hence fills the void between you two. 

9. Being a different version of yourself

Actually, you don’t pretend to be different. It just comes out naturally. If you are an introvert, you do extroverted things. If you are hard to everyone, you tend to be soft, if you behave maturely then you start behaving like a kid, etc. when with that special one. These are involuntary gestures to show your loved ones how special they are. You generally feel different with them.  It looks the same as the brain of the person who has taken cocaine. You can thank dopamine which is the hormone released in these instances for that feelings. 

10. Telling ‘I miss you’

When you really miss the person you love, it is not only the ‘miss’, but a strange feeling inside you. A feeling of emptiness which can only be filled by the person’s presence. If you just text or call to let that person know how badly you are missing him/her. Then it makes them feel more loved. It makes them believe that they are in your mind even when they are not with you. There is no one answer about what to do when you miss someone, it really depends on situations. But letting them know is a way of expressing their feelings to them.

11. Dedicating songs or quotes

You often sing songs or recite certain romantic quotes to tell your feelings.
 I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly and then all at once.

Quotes and songs have a long lasting relationship with love. It just ferry the feelings you are harbouring inside yourself. It facilitates the expression of love. You lose these when you are unable express yourself and want the person to apprehend you closely. It is the best way of telling your feelings to someone and also easy to interpret.

12. Your gestures

When you go out with your special one, you roll your hand her waist or curl up your hand along his arm. This attributes that you don’t want anyone to lay eyes on your girl your guy. Paying extra attention for not letting anyone to collide with her in a public place. Or standing beside a girl by shifting your guy from that place are cute little gestures of showing your love. These gestures are always appreciated by the person you love.

So, after reading the above points you must have learned that it is not difficult to express love without saying ‘I love you’. We tend to read different quotes and listen lectures on love. And all these things reflect in your actions involuntarily. Yes, it is true. You start expecting things from your partner as you have read or heard somewhere on the internet. You read a novel and get engrossed so much in that fantasy world, that it starts reflecting on your current relationship. You forget that it is just a story and most importantly, ‘imaginary’. 

The truth is love does not revolves only within “I love you”. It is lot more than that. It is also very intriguing, that you know you love that person and that you are doing particular things for him/her, but still you feel un-satiated because you have not said those ‘three magical words’. Doesn’t it sound absurd? Frankly, even these words are less for expressing love. You must be remembering times when you have said that,” Words are not enough to express the love I have for you”. You are demeanour towards the person, the way you look, the way you talk, the way you react, all of these constitutes love along with ‘I love you’. 


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