Is Sex Really Important In Real Love?

Besides childbirth, in any committed relationship, sex is essential for several purposes. Ultimately, it is about love, pleasure and intimacy. There have been a lot of positive mental, emotional, physical, and social benefits of consensual sex. Understanding the benefits enables couples recognize that sex not only helps them but also motivates to further attach their relationships and create a wider sense of intimacy within a loving relationship. Whether it's a long-term or just at the beginning of a relationship, sex is essential to your overall health.

Whenever a couple gets into a new relationship, an essential issue is, do they have sex right away, or should they wait? That, is considered to be the biggest puzzle. Sex doesn't keep the rule robust and fast! If a pair chooses to have sex, the unresolved query might not be taking into account. Sex is a physical necessity by theory. When people catch dopamine and Oxycontin, you can hardly gain control. The art of real love is not confining itself to sex, it is just a part of sex. Therefore, in any personal life, sex has a critical dimension. You may sustain a reasonably good romantic partnership, but you'll get there much better through sex.

Sex is about feelings all the time. Healthy sex implies safe emotions; bad sex means distorted emotions

Different concepts related to sex 

For some people, sex is not an essential part of love, and if they don't have sex, it doesn't mean that the relationship has no value. It ultimately depends on the people in connection with each other. Some couples spend a very long time in relation without making any progress in physical activities, they spend a loving life by maintaining everything properly. They don't feel that it affects the relationship in any way. They have just left on the hand of perfect time, whether it happens after marriage or while staying in a relationship. So, when you feel that you want to take this relationship to a state of physical bonding and you think that it will be right for you, you can have sex. 

Sex is not mandatory in every relationship before marriage

Some couples follow some rules and religious bindings to maintain a love life before marriage. There are millions of couples who have spent years and years without having sex but a very healthy and mature relationship. You will get to know the best part of your partner in these cases; you will start believing that real love does not depend on sex; it depends on the trust and the respect you have on each other. You can continue a long relationship without having sex and share a sober bonding. If your partner forces you to get in sexual contact or forces you against your will, then maybe you are not with the right person. In real love, a partner will always respect your opinion and beliefs. 

Do not search for the right partner, but pursue the person that makes you happy

Importance of a great partner 

An understandable partner is the most critical feature of pleasant sex life. A man can go for a relationship only because he wants to have sex with you. But a relationship is not only about sex, but it also contains loyalty, trust, understanding, sacrifice, and many other things. So, choose your partner wisely. Don't step forward for a relationship if you feel a sense of only lust but no love, because a real love will never build upon sex and it will only go well for a while, not for years. Because at the end of the day, it is the care and affection, which is essential and not the sex drive. The presence of a right partner helps you to bring out the best of yours and makes your life better. 

On the other hand, for some people, sex is an integral part of a relationship. Sex makes relationships sweeter, mature, and creates a special bonding between two people. It keeps them active in work life, social life, as well as in personal life. Having a perfect sex life improves your health, boosts the immune system, and maintains hormonal balance. It works as an excellent workout method, and it decreases the rate of heart diseases. The most important part is; it works as an excellent cure for migraine pain. So, real love and better sex life come with a lot of health benefits.

Sex is a union of two souls and not just bodies 

Sex makes two people beautiful and physically comfortable with each other, and the insecurities of their body vanish. They accept each other as they are; they start receiving the flaws and start prioritizing the chemistry between them. They focus more on their relationship, and an invisible trust is building between two souls. Both of them feel the intensity of coming closer, accepting each other from the core of the heart, and subconsciously two hearts start depending on each other. Whenever they stay away for a moment, the absence of physical presence creates a craving for each other, and then they feel to have sex when they meet each other. When you build an intense relationship, you will find that all of your body can feel the presence of your partner.

Maybe you thought that sex is only a matter of body, but let me assure you that it is equally a significant part of mental health. It fights strictly against depression and anxiety. Most importantly, sex releases stress. You may feel low mentally; mood swings may appear, you can think that the concern is trying to grasp your mind with various thoughts; at this time, you crave for attention, you crave for love, whether it's physically or mentally, but you want it as a relief. An understandable partner has a lot to do in this case, he or she has to come up with your ups and downs and has to come forward first to comfort you, to make love. 

Importance of Sex in a relationship

  • You know that you are in a perfect and healthy relationship as both of you are passing happy time, chatting with each other, leading a happy life, but at the end of the day, you may feel for a second that both of you are physically detached. This thought is coming in your mind just because you haven't given it a try, and that's why this question has arisen. So, give it a try, and you will find out that everything is as perfect now as it was before. 

  • If you two are having an incredibly rough moment in the relationship, then sex might work like magic to calm down mental mismatch and soften the anger. Just come close together and do it without giving a single thought. Your heart will be refurbishing to adopt a new beginning of a relationship. Two souls can get open to forgive or at least ignore the fault you've done to each other.

  • If you two had a very rough day at work or faced any pressure, then sex is the best way to give you an escape. It makes you get out of the world chaos and lets you loose all the tension in those beautiful moments.

Reasons why your partner will want to have sex

Everything is okay until a conflict appears because the decision to have sex depends on two persons. If your partner wants to have sex but you haven't given a thought to this. If your partner is hurrying for sex just after getting into the relationship, then there can be several reasons.
  • Your partner maybe has other intentions like he wants only to have sex but hasn't given any thought on a long term relationship.
  • Maybe your partner has a higher libido than you, and it is considering itself as a logical reason. You need to understand what your partner expects from your relationship.
  • Your partner is only doing this because he wants to come closer to you.
  • The definition of relationship for your partner might firmly be rooted in sex.
  • It might be an opportunity to communicate with your partner.
  • It could be a reason to express love and devotion to your wife.
  • If you often have sex, you may feel safer in your relationship.
  • It could just be fun and enjoyable.
  • You may decide to get pregnant.
Not any intentions mentioned above are overall bad, but hurrying is never a good sign, and it will surely create confusion and misunderstanding. But, considering the aspects of real love, if the partner prioritizes sex more than your mental health then, it's quite sure that he or she is not the matching one for you. A loyal and understanding partner will always give you time, respect your opinions and you will always be safe with him/her. Because whether it's about real love or just your healthy life, sex is still a personal preference.

Marriage without sex can be difficult

In society, there is a lot of intellect about how rarely couples become lovers once they are married. But it is not a laughable thing to make love at weddings and committed relationships. It is a real marriage problem that leads to all sorts of other issues. When you date, mate, and making love, your spouse has a degree of affection and lust. You'd like your partner to like you. If your wife refuses to have sex with you, your message is that you don't want it physically, which makes her feel that you don't like it either. Some things tend to happen when a marriage continues where couples don't make love. First of all, the unloved and unwanted partner will start to search for this accomplishment from other sources. It can lead quickly to extramarital affairs and empty lovemaking opportunities. Even if it does not, this spouse will continue to withdraw from the partnership, so that the other party still feels unloved. Range, disagreement, and emotions are hurting during the wedding time.

There's a simple way, to sum up, things: men often pick a woman based on sex (or the prospect of sex) and finally fall in love, while women usually pick a man based on their passion and finally enjoy sex. We know that "all" is a complete generalization but you will understand the focal point here. People prefer to focus on intimacy. All these reasons are significant because sex is a reliable and deep mode of affection. Women prefer to concentrate on love. It ties two individuals together and binds them in ways that nothing else does. It's in the head, over and is beyond the flesh as well. The relation between two persons as they make love is intense and vigorous. A research Reliable Source released in 2017 found that regular sexual activities have a link with general well-being in the attitude and social psychological report. It also demonstrates that, in effect, sex affects the degree of sexual interaction and love. So the best thing to do is to have more sex if you want sex! It may sound stupid, but it can ultimately improve your sex drive and sex life overall. 

A circumstance in which one person thinks sex is essential in a connection, while the other party does not want to have sex, maybe challenging to manage. Similarly, if one person has a high sex drive, while the other is a low sex drive, it can be difficult. But managing it is not impossible. It could be helpful to communicate. Some people believe that the concept of ethical non-monogamy may be a way to satisfy their sexual desires without harming their partnership.


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