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No one cannot buy love but to live with loved people you need money. It is money that can create a relationship stronger. The relation between love and money is not critical but mixed with one another.

No man can live without food, water, or home. To obtain all these we need money. But a loveless home is nothing but barren land. A lovely family can create a heaven on Earth. For wanting money can lead an unemployed man to commit a crime. So in our life, money and love are intermingled aspects.

Why is Money so Important:

People think Money is the most important thing in life. It can bring security and stability to life. They assume without money they cannot live an elegant life, cannot buy a house or car, cannot go to cinemas or eat fast food. They cannot make a family plan or be married. If they don't have money, how can they be happy with a spouse, they feel scattered. 

Now think about Love, how it makes a big difference in life. Love is that element that encourages us to see the dream for the future. All arrangements of living life will be meaningless if there is no love. Without a loved person life becomes an empty vessel.

To find out the inner significance of these two aspects go through the following components why Love and Money influence our living hood.

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Money Brings a Comfortable Life:

Money gives you food, shelter, dress, education, and health treatment. To fulfill this basic need, you must need wealth. So a comfortable life will be generated by money.

Those who have enough money can buy a large house, expensive cars and can give charity to poor people. The empty hand can suffer the relationship also. It may go through a divorce sometimes. If you don't have money how can you feed the family members? So it brings to light that money brings a comfortable life for us.

Health Facility by Money:

If you feel unwell and have to visit a Doctor, you must have to pay for a healthcare provider. For a healthy diet chart or maintain a gym, you just need enough money to pay. 

If you go to a regular check-up to the Doctor, it may concern that no illness contaminated you. So many people cannot go to the Doctor, though they don't have money to pay. Medical check-up and treatment cost increases day by day. Beauty Salon and cosmetic products also available when you pay for it.

Money Provides Education:

Nowadays Education becomes expensive day by day. Best School and Good Teacher will be available on payment.

Besides this educational appliance like books, additional courses need extra expenditure for their own development.

Time, Freedom and Mobility gave by Money:

If you allot time to the office, they provide money to you. This money offers the freedom to buy any belonging to you. If you have enough money then you can decide to make a better house, buy another car or go for a long trip without making any tension for spending time. But opposite times with empty hands, choice option or freedom is limited for all decisions.

Rich People Can Help Others:

When you see anyone who needs capital if you have money then help others. In any disaster of a country, Rich people can come forward to create a fund to help others.

Money Gives Entertainment:

In our day to day life when we feel exhausted, we want to go out. But it is a matter of cost also. Amusement Park, Zoo, and other entertainment places have a certain amount of fee, which we have to pay to take the benefit.

How Love Influence Life?

Love is nothing but an emotional feeling. Most young men think that love is the most important aspect of life. Know why love is important to live and how it works in our minds.

Love is an Origin of Stamina and Enthusiasm:

Love is such a strong feeling which can give us the stamina to do all the impossible work which we cannot imagine before. Love has the power to increase enthusiasm for work.

Those who love their family, they can do anything for the betterment of them. Love makes an extra strength in mind.

Love Gives Rise to Strong and Optimistic

Biological study proves that when men fall in love, their immunity system goes strong. It makes them healthy and usually, they are not feeling sick much.

No one wants to live alone. Lonely People always feel sick and sink into depression. When men live with loved ones they feel optimistic to do all well-being for them. Love has so many benefits upon the mind.

Love Creates Bonding:

From the stone age, men are living in a group. They make friends with many groups through support and help. Living alone is not safe either. Any disaster or sickness they recover by love for each other. In modern days also people cannot live alone in society. They need the help of so many people to live a happy life. Only because of love different kinds of people living together in the same apartments as a neighbor.

Love Brings Kindness:

All men longing kindness to others. People who fall in love with someone, their mind becomes kind to others. When we are involved in kindness, then it works in mind to do betterment of other people. It may continue men to men by love.

Love Gives Self-satisfaction:

Love can discover so many good things in our minds. In this commercial world, the life of people becomes hard day by day. Only love can save our feelings to destroy. Love make-believe that the World is not the worst place for living still now.

When someone falls in love they see all the good characteristics of others. Then he wants to help them and feel satisfaction in his own mind also.

Love or Money - Which one is More Important:

Now it is a shining question here which one is more important. Actually, we cannot live a life without money. Side by side love is also a precondition to becoming healthy and happy.

Though love cannot buy with money so we can say that love is more powerful than money. Love spreads happiness and happiness is more important than money. Love never runs after money.

Love is a Strong Emotion:

In human life, there is no good option for harsh manners. But Love makes it easier to do many works with the help of others. Kindness and love create an amazing bond with others. Steve Jobs said in a seminar that,
Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.
Love starts with one's self-esteem. Love yourself, your work, the people who live around you. It will make your life easier and happier. Love makes you rich by the mind. Love never is defeated by money. 

Love is a method of being successful. It's a nice feeling that someone has faith, trust, and respect in you. At that moment your mind becomes crazier to perform a satisfactory job.

Money is Power:

Money is a mechanism that builds anyone's dream higher. Without money, you lose opportunities to go high in life and lose freedom.

Learn to use money in a positive way. If money controls your life and relationships it may become terrible. If you take control of money, it may grow initially. So use your money wisely. It makes you feel happy inside the mind. To build ingenious products money keeps an important role. To help the needy men, you need money. 

Money is not evil but it makes men greedy. Then to run after men forgets humanity and kindness sometimes. Evil men think to extend their wealth by any cost of money. He wants to fulfill his desire to use money in the wrong way.

Accordingly, money itself is not good or bad, it comes to be nature by its users. It's just the power to disclose your mind.

Final Thought:

Beyond all descriptions, Love or Money, either can not be ignored. Both are vital tools to live a life. Money helps life to go high if he has a lovely mind. Nothing is impossible with money nowadays, but it is love which gives you a proper direction to use your money. Love can control life and extend energy to do well for the human nation. From all the conflict between Love and Money, we may decide that Love is greater than money. Love yourself first then spread the feelings to all. It may create a better world for the upcoming generation.


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